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Human Resources Management and Labor Economics

gender21 Human Resources Management and Labor Economics Department provides training of Bachelors, Specialists and Masters in one of the called-for specialties in the world practice “Human Resources Management and Labor Economics”. Nowadays Personnel manager is a leading specialist in any company or organization. His or her skills to create hard-working and solid teams are the guarantee of the effective functioning of any enterprise.

Our graduates are highly skilled economists, specialists in Labor Economics and Human Resources Management in different field of economics, public authorities and business. They are well prepared for business, economic and training work.

Teaching staff: 2 doctors, 12 candidates of science, 3 main lecturers and 6 assistants.

Main courses for foreign students are taught in English language. Special attention is paid to the consulting work. Term of training:

Bachelor – 4 years;

Specialist – 5 years;

Master – 5,5 years.

If you prefer difficult interesting work with people in the sphere of Labor Economics, if you want to become a leading economist or if you have an audacious dream to be a chief executive in a large company, businessman, entrepreneur or scientist-economist, than you choice is “Human Resources Management and Labor Economics”.





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